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The Nebuchadnezzar II

...on, wheels, turn...

The Neb II
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This is a small sub-community created for those of us who've found each other again in this world: a place for "our" people to come together and discuss memories, flashbacks, the mission, their hopes and fears and dreams, to talk about existing in a world that considers them 'fictional', but mostly to just be able to exist. What you won't find here: roleplaying, discussion about what we had for breakfast or our trips to the grocery store, mundane "everyday" stuff that makes up a lot of blogs and journals. This is not a 'fan' community, or an RP, or anything of the sort. This is a gathering place for the "soulbonds"[although we've since almost unanimously rejected that term] of those who were once the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar.

If you've come from the New Dawn Rising site, and are interested in helping with the mission, helping us spread the word, or what have you: there's another community we maintain, for_zion. It's there that we discuss the broader things, belief, thoughts, metaphysical discussion, and that sort of thing. This is meant to give our people one place to gather in... since in this world, we've been scattered to the proverbial four winds.

So here we are: on we go.