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*cracks knuckles and looks around for Neo* I told him I would do this, and maybe he didn't believe me. He will by GOD know I wasn't kidding after this! The little punk wasn't in bed on time last night. We got off the phone at 2:40 his time. He should have gone straight to bed but NO! He got his ass back online and wrote me a huge ass email and then probably worked for a while before dragging himself to his bunk with his last reserves of strength!
Neo! You had better listen to me boy! Remember what you said you'd do to me if you reached 50 last night? About what you'd do if I didn't stop talking in a whisper? (pictures an open doorway to make it absolutly clear) Just imagine that going down here! I don't think you want that, do you? You made me a PROMISE and I EXPECT you to keep it or else I will bring this in here in front of our people. AM I UNDERSTOOD?! I better be. Consider this your ONE warning!
*takes deep, cleansing breath* Now that that has been said. I'm gonna go read his LJ to see what lame reasons he had for being up so late.
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