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The Evening Report....

*sits cross legged on the deck* Ok, to the obvious. Neo's not here for several reasons. The first of which being that he can't sit comfortable in his computer chair right now. It's not padded and his ass is a little tender. *snerk* He went 36 hours without sleep or anything proper to eat. He's going a thousand different directions because he's so sleep deprived. He told me to ask the crew to disregard anything he says when he's gone so long without rest. Which will not happen again any time soon! Right Neo!? *glares toward the east* Grrr! *reigns in scary!Trinity beast*
The secondary reason for him not being here is that he needed to unplug for a bit. He's had some major revelations over the last day and night. Things are crossing over. Energy does follow thought and he and Smith had a rather serious talk last night. I can't go into it, as I only know what was said in their LJ commentary. For more details...see both of their journals.
Lastly, and this part comes from me. Neo wouldn't ask a drop of water from Niagara falls if he was dying of dehydration...I ask you all to remember the offers you made him. Now is the time for us to pull some of the weight of this off of his shoulders. There are things that we could be doing. Parts that we could all be playing in this. I'm here every night. I help him with whatever I can. But it's not enough. He may be TEH ONE, but he is human and so am I. He has worked himself into a state of constant exhaustion and his body is at the breaking point and it's overloading his mind. Even the smallest things seem like the Mount Everest of all issues because he doesn't give himself enough time to let his brain process...and now shit is getting backed up! It's like what happens when I try to use the electric skillet and the microwave at the same blows a fuse in the kitchen that shuts everything down for a while. We can't let him overload. He NEEDS us NOW!
*sits up a little* So, now would be the time for those of you who can commit to helping to come forward and tell us what you're good at and what you feel you can do. Even if you think it's a small thing, it may be of more help than you know.
*takes in deep breath and starts Ti Che exercises*
Thank you everyone.
Be safe; Be free
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