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Help Request: Important.

Okay. I have a mission for anyone who has the desire to figure it out:

I've been wanting for quite some time to put an RSS feed on the New Dawn Rising site, so that people can get a [fairly] live update on changes, news, details, Mission-relevant subjects. What I really want is an RSS feed compatible with livejournal, like, blogthings[first example I could think of] or, a little more relevantly, gibsonfeed: that way, whoever was on LJ and wanted to stay 'connected' to the site news could simply subscribe to the feed, and they wouldn't even have to say anything if they didn't want to: I think we might draw in more redpills if they're offered the chance to just stay quiet for a bit... watch, listen, and learn, and decide for themselves whether or not they really want to take that next step.

The problem is, with all the lifetimes hours I spend here working, I haven't quite gotten the hang of figuring out where to get a feed that would work. I've tried several generators, with lousy results. [I also have several bookmarked, but haven't had a chance to sort everything out yet: I'm trying to do everything.] So, my challenge/mission: can someone search around and find a way to implement a site/blog RSS feed, preferably compatible with Livejournal, that I can maintain and administrate from the site: and, ten thousand bonus points if there isn't a subscription fee involved: i.e., a free utility. Seeing as how I expect a check from this client by the end of the month, paying isn't an impossible thing: but this needs to be done as immediately as possible, and a free feed won't bring with it the necessity of maintaining, in case I'm unable to be there to keep up with the financing.

You can get hold of me via IM, or comment here.

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