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Pay Attention To This

There is much to say today. To start with, I would ask you all to look at Neo and remember who he is and what he does for all of us. What he has sacrificed for our sakes. Now, with this reminder tumbling through your minds, I want you to be on you respective messengers today to speak to him. Where the hell has everyone benn this last week? Does it seem unlike myself for me to say that my love and belief is not enough? He needs us...ALL of us.

Maybe it's because we haven't been setting tasks for everyone. But the comm has been dead and I'm not going to let us all fall apart. Not now that I know you are all here....Now that I KNOW that you believe. Neo says that our people don't believe in HIM, they believe in TRUTH. He says that's not wrong. But still people, a little ego stroking is always nice. And I know for a fact that some of you do believe very strongly in him. *looks to the newbies* Guys, I'm counting on you to help me support him. He NEEDS us. Please help me.

There are three in particular. Smith, Mouse and Mara. Here's what I want from the three of you.

Smith, you need to stop yo-yoing. I know that all these revelations on your part have changed the way you see and do things, but until you get ONE OPINION that you can stick with, stop trying to brush thought of the day off on Neo. What he needed last night was solidarity in who he is, not peace and light and to be told that he can't save everyone. I know he can. And so do you.

Mouse, sweet, dear little brother boy. Where are you? You've been on but haven't spoken to us. We need you now. You were the first for him. The first person that he was close to after being freed from the Matrix. The only one of our crew, save myself, that we've found so far. Come back to us. Tonight if you can, ok? And there was something you talked about doing for Neo, a certian something you promised to get everyone's help with. That's your promise Mouse. It can't come from me.

Mara, you give great advice and you're really good at jump starting his groundation. He needs that right now. He said that you always did a good job of performing shock therapy on him. Break out the tools of the trade...It was your duty before anyhow. Helping people through times like these. It's time for you to pick it up. We need those skills now.

I have nothing more to say right now.I won't give any death threats, no angry shouting, which should really scare those of you who know me well. I think I've said enough and now it's time for you all to do some of the work. I understand that you all have things to do, but this is not secondary to that. This is his life, my life and all of our lives together. As part of it you all need to contribute.

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