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Smith, seeing as how you are the only non-human intelligence to have lived in Zion, for however brief a time, I would like to hear your perspective on it, and do you have any of Bane's memories?

The other day I was with a baby and I started to sing a lullaby that I heard in Zion, but when I started to sing it the thought crept into my mind that it would be weird to sing a song from Zion that no one has heard here, and then I completely forgot the song. Do any of you remember hearing any songs in Zion?

I fear that blocking my empathic abilities here may have caused me to not get complete memories from the other world. Besides my dreams, I've had strong feelings and glimpses of Zion and Niobe. I am going to try to reach the level of ability that I had in hopes that I will be able to remember more, though I doubt it will be easy.

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